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The Woburn

The Woburn Rise and Recliner Chair is available in 4 sizes. This popular chair has a buttoned back and a slight wing.

With an extensive range of fabrics and leathers this makes this chair a suitable choice for your home.

The Woburn range is available as a full suite to accommodate all needs.

With either a single motor or dual motor the power rise and recliner is designed for effortless ease of use.

With simple to use controls the Woburn chair offers ease and comfort.



                                                        HEIGHT  WIDTH DEPTH SEAT HEIGHT SEAT WIDTH SEAT DEPTH

GRANDE RECLINER         H1130       W930      D940         SH520                  SW530                SD545

STANDARD RECLINER* H1090       W800      D 865        SH510                  SW490               SD535

COMPACT RECLINER*   H1040        W800     D855         SH 480                 SW460               SD510

PETITE RECLINER*            H1020        W785     D820         SH 460                 SW445               SD 480